Inaugural Launch of the L2L Awards in Mauritius

For the first time, an award recognizing outstanding Mauritians will be taking place in Mauritius soon. Officially launched on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at the Voila Hotel, Bagatelle, in the presence of personalities from the public, private and third sector, the L2L Awards has finally touched the shore of the island.

After England, Wales and Scotland, the L2L Awards is now looking for individuals, in Mauritius, who have outdone themselves, and who are going above and beyond in their fields, in their profession and their society, as well as communities.

 Samuel T. Reddy, the CEO & Founder of L2L Awards says:

“we are on a mission to find outstanding Mauritians who are going above and beyond the call of duty to positively impact ”.

Indeed, the aim of this award is to promote the spirit of serving, raise the profile of those deserving citizens, and create a positive image to reward outstanding Mauritians in the public, private and 3rd sector both nationally and internationally.

As a Leadership Transition Strategist, Entrepreneur, international speaker, and book author, Samuel T. Reddy says its time to encourage those who are going above & beyond to become role model for society. “I want to be able to do something to impact the Mauritian Citizen”.

As such, L2L Awards consist of 10 specific categories handpicked by Samuel himself, that will help to spotlight children to teenagers, adults to community leaders & executive leaders to public officers who are positively impacting their communities by going above & beyond the call of duty. Selected winners of these awards will be invited to join his yearly conference in London.

  • Some of the speakers

We were also joined by the executive team of the Sugarcane boy in Mauritius:

The event was also a celebration for the members, ambassadors and partners of The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub across Mauritius:

Mrs Manisha Kundoo, Head of Partnership also spoke about the alignment of L2L Awards to SCB Bookclub :

“Business leaders and entrepreneurs can solve the world’s most meaningful problem while doing business for good”. That’s been Mr. Samuel’s mantra since the beginning of the project. And indeed, that is what we believe we are achieving through the L2L Awards.

At base, The SugarCane Boy book club is an initiative to improve youth literacy across Mauritus so all children can read a book and have a book at home to read. The mission has always been to promote youth literacy in a positive, nurturing environment, specially to underprivileged children who need a distinctive surrounding. We believe that every child needs to be encouraged to appreciate, and love reading a book. However, along with this, we have come to realise that it is as important for us to create a safe space for these children to express themselves, to talk freely and to interact at their own pace, which is not often possible at school or even at home. As such the L2L Awards is a project to reward outstanding Mauritians who are willing to go the extra mile in their profession and contribute to the community, but also help raising fund for NGOs, and to charities to run ‘The Sugarcane Boy Bookclub’. A project long associated with the life of the Reddy’s and now with a hundred of Mauritians across the island, including myself.